Be among the first few to rule the windows app world in the new, young and growing windows mobile platform.

Microsoft Corporation has brought its powerful operating system to portable devices in a sleek design that’s easy to use, and our experience creating superior mobile applications means we can easily navigate the waters of complex digital environments where others have sank hopelessly to the depths.

Offer another alternative to Android and iOS apps with the growing Windows Mobile platform Windows Phone is slowly gaining traction among users and hardware manufacturers. The operating system has seen a slew of updates with increasingly mature functionality. This means that you might have a substantial number of users on this platform. These users, like other mobile users will want apps and you can have a significant early mover advantage if you jump right in. Because Windows Mobile app development is technically similar to developing Windows desktop apps you want to select a development company who:

  • Has experience with designing applications for Windows.
  • Has experience in mobile app development.
  • Can share a rich history of working on Microsoft Technologies.
  • Have resources to maintain the app as the platform keeps on getting updated.

We have an extensive, more than a decade long experience developing applications on the Windows platform and are also Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Weblife have been early movers with mobile app development and have developed over 100 apps for different mobile OSs. We know what users want from a mobile app. We are familiar with how app markets work. We have the infrastructure to plan, code, develop and maintain your app as long as there is demand.