Distinguish your brand from competitors and increase revenue with a professionally designed website on an e-commerce platform at a very affordable price.

Magento is a living, breathing, open-source platform that has seen consistent growth since its inception in 2008. The circle of developers that use Magento continues to increase, and that in turn spurs fresh ideas in everything from add-ons and extensions to customization and advances in SEO techniques. This isn’t just good news for Magento, it’s good news for you.

Choosing best Ecommerce portal for your online store always becomes the first challenge for any retail business. Magento offers limitless possibilities. With Magento, we transform your ideas into reality. Magento is the most popular and successful ecommerce platform today with dominating figure 24% of ecommerce market. Why Magento?

  • It Support multiple currencies and languages.
  • Provide a large number of payment options because of multi-gateway support.
  • Provide a streamlined and easy to use catalogue, regardless of how complex the product categories are.
  • Offer a superior product browsing experience, including options like related products.
  • Monitor the performance of your store using integrated analytics tools

We don’t believe in only saying, rather we believe in delivering quality results. And this can be easily inferred from our past work. We have worked on Magento projects with a number of companies in US, Australia, UK and Canada.

Weblife understands your business and we have been working with Magento Extensively for various small, medium and large portals. Our experienced Magento Developers can handle any type of projects starting from installation, Configuration, template integration, plug-in development, complete automation and customization. We specialize in:-

  • Developing custom Magento themes.
  • Installing necessary modules and extensions.
  • Setting up the store and testing the installation.
  • Maintaining the store as per client requirement.